Festival of Cassandra

The festival of Cassandra is the principal cultural event in Cassandra and Chalkidiki. Over the last 13 years, the amphitheatre of Siviri and the municipal districts surrounding it play host to the festival.The festival of Cassandra is distinguished for its quality events. Each year it draws many well-known artists from both within Greece and abroad (among others B.B. King, Ray Charles, Nana Mouschouri, Marinella, Marios Frangoulis, K. Kazakos, N. Tsakiroglou, and many more have honoured it with their presence). The events run from early July to late August. During the festival season, you can attend concerts, recitals, theatre and dance performances, exhibitions (painting, sculpture, photography) and more. Tickets for the events are available from the offices of the Cassandra Municipal Enterprise (for information call 23740-23997 and 23740-24851). For additional information, please visit: http://www.festivalkasandras.gr

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