Festival of the Sea

Each summer the "Festival of the Sea", an institution running its fourth year, is held at the Nea Moudania amphitheatre. Quickly but steadily, it became famous beyond the narrow boundaries of our Prefecture and now travels throughout Greece. Moreover, is it by nature migratory.

The sea joins summer travelers and the "Festival of the Sea" joins summer visitors. The "Festival of the Sea" is a top cultural event organised by the Municipality of Moudania. In fact, it monopolises the nights of the locals and the visitors, offering them the opportunity to attend theatrical performances of high standards and enjoy the musical nights that fill a place seating 2,000 people, just a stone's throw away from the sea. The amphitheatre is surrounded to the east by the peninsula of Cassandra and the unfolding vastness of the Aegean Sea in front of it. To the west, you can enjoy an exceptional sunset with Olympus in the background.

A place which on the whole justifies absolutely the title of "Festival of the Sea". There is nothing left but to come and see for yourself the open-air theatre of Nea Moudania. But also those of you who have already done so must be well aware that the atmosphere and the hospitality of the organisers of the Festival will offer you lovely, unforgettable moments.

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